Are you a small-business owner, a sole-proprietor, an independent consultant, a temporary worker, or an hourly employee who has an irregular income because you’re paid on a hourly basis? Do you want to know what your take-home would be on the next paycheck? Do you find it difficult for you to track your earnings, deductions, withholdings, and business expenses during the year and find it difficult to reconcile when the next tax season arrive?

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Pay Calc

Keep accurate track of your paychecks, earnings, deductions, withholdings, contributions to 401k or HSA, and determine paycheck amount before your next payday. Make it easier to reconcile your W2 and 1099 during the next tax season.

Time Calc

Keep accurate track of your work hours and associated project/job/cost-center, sick, vacation, etc. and email it to your supervisor for an approval.

Expense Calc

Keep accurate track of your business expenses for reimbursement such as travelling, accomodation, meals, mileage, etc. and create and email an expense report to your supervisor for an approval.

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Simple Setup

Enter your federal and state tax filing status from your W4 and state's specific form. Set your pay frequency and whether you're overtime-eligible and off you go.


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Easy Customization

Pick from a predefined common list or create your own earning and deduction category and its tax-applicably at federal and state level.

Feature Packed

Support weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly pay cycle. Support elapsed time and Time-clock timesheet and exempt and non-exempt employee status. Automatically break and calculate overtime base on FLSA and state regulation.

Convenience and Intuitive

Track and store historical pay and timesheets for easy reconciliation during the next tax season. Create a default work schedule to simplify timesheet entry or use one-click punch in/out or GPS driven punch.